8 Things You Should Expect From An Architectural Hardware Consultant

Architects at laptop computer next to scale model

Working with an architectural hardware consultant can provide the expertise needed to successfully specify the hardware that will best serve your project’s functional, safety, security, and aesthetic requirements.

What should you look for in an architectural hardware consultant?

To ensure you’re getting one who has the experience and insight you need, consider whether or not they are capable of/willing to assist with:

  • Developing detailed, non-proprietary, open and competitive architectural hardware specifications and schedules
  • Meeting the design professional and/or property/facility owner to discuss project requirements and security needs.
  • Meeting the security consultants to coordinate all hardware and access control.
  • Assisting the owner in developing a keying schedule,
  • Developing a punch list (during contract administration)
  • Budget preparation.
  • Reviewing substitution requests and submittals.
  • Responding to RFIs and comments from the owner and other entities.

Because every project has its own set of unique (and sometimes complex) requirements, an architectural hardware consultant who is both knowledgeable and versatile with well-rounded skills can be a tremendous asset.

If you’re looking for a consultant to help you with your next project, contact DORMA by email or call us on our DORMA Architectural Services Hotline at 844-773-2669 to learn about our specification writing and comprehensive consulting services. Our experienced consultants have you covered with their in-depth knowledge about manual doors and frames, revolving doors, automatic doors, glass fronts and office enclosures, operable wall systems, power door operators and an array of architectural hardware.