Make A Design Statement That’s Functional, Too

Offices with glass enclosures help give people working in space-challenged environments the feeling that they have more room. With the average amount of space per employee shrinking from 250 square feet 10 years ago to 175 square feet or less today, glass walls—by allowing light to shine through—can make offices feel less constricting and claustrophobic. Better still, the clear lines of sight they provide facilitates collaboration and make colleagues feel more connected.

A glass office interior is also a way for a brand to make a statement about its forward-thinking approach to business, its team’s creativity, and its unique identity. Decorative glass especially can add personality and visual appeal to office enclosures and openings.

©Robert Benson Photography
©Robert Benson Photography


Fulfilling Function And Making A Statement With Decorative Glass

For interior spaces that demand exceptional aesthetics, incorporating decorative glass into a design can create an extraordinary environment while fulfilling functional requirements and other objectives.

For example:

  • IcePrivacy – Embossed glass with multi-dimensional textures allows light to filter through while minimizing transparency in areas where you don’t want to give visibility to those outside of the space. Coral
  • Easy Cleaning – Decorative glass back splashes in rest rooms provide an aura of elegance and help camouflage water spatter from sinks. And they’re easy to clean.
  • Branding – Graphic print glass that can be custom-designed to reflect a company’s logo or other signature imagery in areas where making a strong brand impression is a priority.

Various manufacturers and design studios create textured cast glass and etched glass in a variety of finishes, including transparent, translucent, sfumato, and opaque in a wide variety of colors. You can also order embossed glass with multi-dimensional textures that offer various degrees of privacy.

Wondering how to strategically incorporate decorative glass or other glass fronts, doors, and enclosures into your design, contact us! At DORMA USA, we have extensive experience working with architects in specifying glass interiors for projects with a wide range of visual and functional requirements.