DORMA Adds Motorized Latch Retraction (MLR) To The 9000 Series

DORMA Adds Motorized Latch Retraction (MLR) To The 9000 Series

b225063daf334f7a598943ec72d5098bReamstown, PA – DORMA Americas, a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium access solutions and services, is pleased to announce the availability of a Motorized Latch Retraction option for the heavy-duty 9000 exit device. The high-impact 9000 line can now come equipped with a quiet motor for electronic latch bolt retraction.

Available as an option on most 9000 series exits (DE devices excluded), each MLR feature provides retraction of the latch from the secure side upon authorization of a valid access control credential. When activated, the concealed motor in the device’s rail draws in the touch bar, retracting the latch and allowing the door to open.

Other features of this option include the ability to electrically hold/dog the push bar in a retracted position during non-secure hours. While the push bar is retracted, the door functions as a push/pull entryway, with a mechanical closer returning the door to a closed position. For added flexibility, the MLR can be controlled remotely with key switches, card readers or other remote access devices.

Designed for use in quiet environments such as hospitals, childcare facilities, and museums, the MLR delivers quiet reliability with the security of DORMA access control. In addition to its smooth and silent operation, the device operates on low power, making it an energy-saving choice that’s less costly to operate than standard solenoid-driven latch retraction products.

The MLR can also be paired on the same opening with DORMA’s ED900 automatic operator for ADA-compliant applications, as the device’s low-amperage draw (less than one amp) can be powered with minimal force.

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