dormakaba’s Vision for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR), an immersive technology that enables people to experience virtual worlds through multiple senses, is hot. As VR continues to expand consumers’ access into new and exciting realms within the entertainment sector, its potential in industrial applications is also gaining attention.

dormakaba has been exploring the trend, and working toward leveraging VR to give customers and partners a unique way to experience its product portfolio—through a Virtual Design Center.

Building A “Brand” New World

dormakaba is inviting customers to journey to dormakaba’s Virtual Design Center in the Italian Alps. The center is based in a virtual building in a virtual space, but when using a virtual reality headset, visitors feel like they’re really in the company headquarters in the mountains of Italy.


The Virtual Design Center (a virtual city with an airport, an industrial complex, and private residences) features dormakaba products in realistic applications. dormakaba plans to add more buildings—including hospitals, hotels, universities, and other public buildings—along with a more expansive range of dormakaba products and solutions.

Eventually, showrooms will be added where dormakaba staff can hold 3D meetings with customers and partners to demonstrate product features and allow guests to independently explore products in which they’re interested.

Stay Tuned!

As dormakaba further develops its Virtual Design Center and expands its availability, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, we welcome you to contact us to speak with a dormakaba representative about access solutions for your next project.