Global DORMA Awards Honor Outstanding Achievements

DORMA Award Winners

Global DORMA Awards Honor Outstanding Achievements

Our growth strategy DORMA 2020 is an ambitious journey that requires the best of everyone. “I know that each of the 7,000 DORMA family members is working very passionately to ensure our success and to enable the growth that we are pursuing”, says DORMA CEO Thomas P. Wagner. “But with this hard work, we sometimes forget to pause for a moment and to be proud of our great results. We sometimes simply forget to celebrate successes. That’s why we launched the Global DORMA Awards at last year’s IGC”.

The Awards recognize teams within the DORMA organization that meet the highest standards of performance improvement. After a successful premiere in 2012, this year for the second time the Area Presidents have nominated outstanding projects in five categories. The Holding Board has then chosen the winners out of a large number of high quality nominations and the Awards were granted during a ceremony during the GEC meeting in Paris.

Sales Performance
The first winner at the ceremony was Rowan Tan, representing the Region Far East, for the “Sales Performance” category. Far East has not just performed very well in the last fiscal year with an increase of 4,9 Million – or 13 percent. For three consecutive years it has now been able to achieve a double digit increase in sales. Rowan Tan, who has come to the GEC for that occasion, was thrilled: “The Award is something that my team and I never expected to win – we were just doing our jobs and enjoying every minute of it.” Equally good results were achieved by the Sales Teams in the US and in Turkey, who have been awarded second and third place.

Margin Performance
The second category of the Global DORMA Awards was “Margin Performance”. Here, the management team of the Area AME was very successful as they increased their margin by more than 100 percent to 7,8 million Euros. “I am really honored that our whole team is awarded for our success! This represents the new direction and ‘can-do’ culture in AME. This result illustrates what we, as DORMA, can achieve progressing on our journey to become a winning team, where everybody is on the same boat,” said Wil VandeWiel during the ceremony. The second-prize winner in this category was Jorge Munoz representing DORMA Spain followed by Andy Jones from the region Australasia.

Efficiency Improvement
The “Efficiency Improvement” Award honors the successful management of structural efficiency. And after the silver medal in the Margin Category, DORMA Spain has reached the top here, winning the Award for its successful reorganizations. These have altogether led to a decrease in the Cost of Organization by 38,8 percent and have been a key success factor for our performance in Spain. Jorge Munoz, Regional Director Mediterranean, received the prize at the ceremony: “This award really makes me feel proud of my team and my Area and it makes me feel proud to be part of DORMA!” Very good results were also achieved in India (third place) and Brazil (second place).

Working Capital Improvement
For the category “Working Capital Improvement” there has been an exceptional number of worthy nominations – and thus the Holding Board decided to honor two teams with the third place. DORMA India and DORMA Production in Malaysia share the bronze award for Working Capital Improvement. The runner-up was the defending champion – the plant in Ennepetal, which won the award last year. And the winner of the Global DORMA Award 2012/13 is the Credit Management team in MENA that has achieved great improvements. Sritharan Srivasan and his team have been able to reduce their accounts receivable by 4,6 million. This directly contributes to a Working Capital Reduction for DORMA Gulf of 15 percent. “It is truly an honor for the entire team because it is the result of their synergy. This award is a recognition of the hard work and makes us even more responsible to continue our efforts to sustain the improvement,” said Sritharan Srivasan as he received the award.

Special Honor 
Although the Global DORMA Awards have different categories – there are also amazing successes, that don’t seem to fit into any of them. That’s why the “Special Honor” Award has been established. This year’s winner is beyond any category mainly for two reasons: First of all, the successful project honored is by far too complex to fit into any scheme. With this project, DORMA solutions don’t just enable a better building, but even a whole district! And secondly, this achievement is not just the success of one team – it is the result of great team-work across the Areas and Group. The DORMA Special Honor Award 2012/13 goes to the Areas AME and MMA for the King Abdullah Financial District in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. This new district stretches over a total area of 1,6 square kilometres and comprises more than 40 separate buildings. It is designed to become a leading financial centre in the Middle East. DORMA was fortunate in applying the entire product portfolio in this project – with a total order volume exceeding 6 million Euros. The Area Presidents Christoph Jacob and Wil VandeWiel as well as the Area Operations Directors Peter Stark and Josh Horvath received the prize for this project, that was also substantially supported by Group Headquarters.

“Every winner of our Global DORMA Award is a winner indeed”, said Thomas P. Wagner at the ceremony. “We are proud to have you on board and we are glad to honor you with these Awards! Thank you all very much for your passionate and successful work. Only with your commitment, your ambition and your creativeness – but also with your persistence, your accuracy and your striving for quality, we are able to bring DORMA 2020 to life.”