Growing Virginia Airport Gains Efficiency And Enhances Security While Cutting Cost


To better accommodate its growing volume of passenger traffic, Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO) in Virginia completed an extensive terminal expansion and improvement project. To enhance the passenger experience, CHO upgraded its restrooms and added a new retail store and a new restaurant and bar area. Most significant, however, are the changes that have made flying to and from the airport more secure and convenient.

In 2015, CHO recorded 550,000 arrivals and departures. As its passenger traffic increased, CHO realized it needed to move people more through its terminal more efficiently.

The Solution

To achieve that objective, CHO chose the Kaba Exit Lane Breach Control solution by dormakaba. Offering the latest in exit lane breach control technology, allows for fast and safe passage from the airside to the landside at CHO.

Kaba Exit Lane Breach Control features a one-way exit corridor to manage passenger flow. It also prevents unauthorized entry to the secure airside of the airport. As a stand-alone integrated system, it not only monitors traffic but also alerts and notifies airport security personnel (in real-time) of intrusion events, unattended objects, and suspicious pass-through.


The modular system has both a physical barrier and advanced sensor technology. As passengers exit through the corridor, half-height or full-height double swing doors automatically open and close (based upon a programmed flow or interlock mode). With motion presence and video analytic sensors to detect unattended objects in and around the corridor area, it offers a secure detection and entry prevention solution that doesn’t require a guard. Implementing the Kaba Exit Lane Breach Control system has enabled CHO to reduce costs associated with staffing exit lanes while increasing peace of mind.

For more information about how the Kaba Exit Lane Breach Control solution can help airports meet the increasing demand for more effective security and a more streamlined passenger experience, contact dormakaba today.