How Can Airports Improve Security and Passenger Traffic Flow?

The year is new, and airports face increasing pressure to provide fail-proof security while ensuring passengers can get from here to there seamlessly. If they intend to meet the challenges ahead in 2018, airports must implement solutions that make their facilities more secure than ever before—without compromising the passenger experience.

Technology for Improving Security and the Flow of Airport Passenger Traffic

In areas that need boosted security measures, consider physical access and entry systems with advanced technology that can:

  • Authenticate passengers.
  • Facilitate passengers’ progression from the terminal to their aircraft and from airside to land side.
  • Validate authorization to enter high-security areas.

dormakaba Solutions for Airports

Self-Boarding Gates and Automated Boarding Pass Controls

We’ve engineered our HSB-M03 Self-Boarding Gates to validate boarding passes (both paper and on smart devices), quicken the process of getting passengers to security checkpoints, and expedite boarding of aircraft. Our sensor barrier technology interfaces with airport and airline systems to collect data and enable immediate verification, thus improving throughput rates.

  • Exit Lane Breach Control

dormakaba’s PIL-M02 Exit Lane Breach Control has “smart technology.” Its one-way exit corridor directs arriving passengers at the air terminal, allowing them to pass from air side to land side quickly and safely. Because of its modular construction, the PIL-M02 can be configured for multiple lanes, allowing for increased throughput. 3D imaging tracks activity within the one-way corridor; and highly sensitive stereo sensors detect breach attempts, suspect persons, and objects. Security zones are configurable to meet airport security requirements.

  • Personal Interlocks

For optimal security, dormakaba’s series of Personal Interlocks provides the degree of separation needed when checking a person’s credentials and validating authorization to sensitive or restricted areas. Interlocks may use scales, contact mats, or internal monitoring, depending on the specific security requirements.

  • Security Revolving Doors

dormakaba’s Security Revolving Doors offer a practical security solution for interior entry points where only authorized staff may proceed. They provide the controlled access required in a design that complements any architectural style, whether traditional or modern.

  • Large Diameter Revolving Doors

With these products and others, dormakaba has satisfied the most complex access and security needs of major airports around the world, such as Dubai International Airport , Airport International Düsseldorf in Germany, and Wrocław Airport in Poland.

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