How HPDs Are Setting Standards in the Name of Customer Health and Environmental Well-Being

A member organization led by customers, the Health Product Declaration® Collaborative works to improve the building industry’s performance through transparency and innovation in the product supply chain. Among its efforts is the creation of the Health Product Declaration (HPD), an open standard format for the accurate reporting of material contents and potential health hazards.

HPD copyThe Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Open Standard gives manufacturers a standard and consistent format to disclose the material contents of building products. HPDs are product transparency tools that provide an inventory of a product’s contents and disclose any human health concerns or hazards that may be associated with them. The new LEED version 4 also requires HPDs.

With customer needs and environmental safety a top priority for DORMA, we’re embracing the concept of HPDs to create transparency throughout the entire life cycles of our products.

DORMA USA recently released HPDs for seven of its products, including:

  • DORMA BTS 80/ BTS 80 EMB/ RTS 80 EMB
  • DORMA BTS 75 V/ RTS 87
  • DORMA RTS 85/ RTS 88/ BTS 84
  • DORMA 8600/8900 Series
  • DORMA M9000 Series ANSI Locks
  • DORMA CL700/ C800 Series ANSI Locks
  • DORMA 8000/9000 Series ANSI Exit Devices

To view DORMA’s HPDs, visit the Declarations/Certificates tab of the DORMA website’s Sustainability page. If you have questions or require more information, contact DORMA at 1-800-523-8483.