Interior Glass Wall Systems: What You Need To Know


Interior glass wall systems offer a way to usher in more light and provide a more open, collaborative environment within buildings. They’re also extremely helpful in applications requiring LEED certification. For example, dormakaba interior glass wall systems have contributed to achieving credits in the categories of EA Credit 1.1 Optimize Energy Performance, MR Credit 1.3 Building Reuse, MR Credit 3.1/3.2 Material Reuse, MR Credit 4.1/5.2 Regional Materials, and EQ Credit 8.3 Daylight and Views.

A versatile solution for dividing space without the confinement of solid walls, interior glass wall systems work well in a wide variety of applications, including:


  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Educational institutions
  • Sports venues
  • Homes
  • Religious buildings

What To Consider When Selecting A Glass Wall System For A Building’s Interior                                   According to Shawn McCord, dormakaba Interior Glass Systems Regional Sales Manager, “When choosing a glass wall system you must consider the needs of the end user and how they want it to function on a daily basis. These questions vary based on application. For example, if I was speaking with someone who is using the glass system in a public setting, such as a retail store or sports venue, I would be most concerned about function and size. Movable walls are very popular in these applications, and that leads into a discussion on structural requirements and durability.”

McCord shared that when discussing glass wall systems for educational settings, hotels, offices, or homes, then the key considerations are typically appearance, sound, and privacy.

“Which solution best suits their needs usually comes down to personal preferences,” explained McCord. “For example, do they like pivoting or sliding doors more? And how much privacy do they need in the space—visually and relative to noise dampening?”


When choosing interior glass systems for public spaces, security needs become a central consideration.

“In applications requiring higher levels of security, glass systems may need the added protection of magnetic locks, card readers, and sensors tied into the building security,” shared McCord.

Before You Choose, Ask An Expert.

Every situation and application brings its own requirements and challenges. With many considerations and factors affecting which products will best serve your needs, don’t leave your selection of an interior glass wall system to chance. Contact an interior glass system professional at dormakaba for a no-obligation consultation.