Providing Security & Peace of Mind in 2016 With The Right Door Hardware

With safety and security a constant concern of people who live, work, and visit facilities, our industry has a greater calling than ever before to do our part in giving them peace of mind. Choosing door hardware carefully can help you fulfill that responsibility.


M9956_L118_jwWhen selecting locks, you’ll likely need to consider both function and aesthetics. Does the application call for a specific ANSI grade? Do you need something that’s heavy duty? Review the features and benefits of various types of locks available (such as dead bolts, tubular locks, cylindrical locks, and mortise locks) that will meet the specifications for the project before making a decision on which will be the best fit.

Panic Hardware And Exit Devices

cherokee_7263In many applications, you may need exit devices that reliably secure egress doors while complying with specific fire and life safety code requirements. A few considerations as you make your selection include: Do you need fire-rated or panic-rated hardware? Does the opening call for a narrow or wide stile device? Which configuration—rim, mortise, and surface or concealed vertical rod—will you need?

Electronic Access Control

Openings that provide electronic access control offer not only safety and security; they also provide added convenience to users. Low energy operators, automatic doors, revolving doors…you have a lot of options to consider. With a wide range of electronic access control solutions available, it pays to know as much as possible about the requirements of the project so you can select which will best serve the application.


Security is, without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges in hardware specification. To ensure you have all the bases covered, learn everything you can about the needs of the end user and don’t hesitate to contact one of DORMA’s reputable, qualified consultants for guidance and direction. With our full product line of locks, panic hardware and exit devices, and electronic access control solutions—and our in-house expertise of hardware’s role in providing security—we’re here to inform and answer your questions