Safety First: Significance of Automatic Door Inspections By AAADM-Certified Professionals


Automatic doors provide convenience, energy efficiency, and security. In order to ensure that they also deliver safety, reliability, and optimal performance, they require a detailed inspection upon installation and annual inspections thereafter.

The AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) trains and certifies industry professionals to inspect automatic doors—sliding, swinging, and folding—and assess if they are in compliance with the current ANSI/BHMA standards.

As a member of AAADM, DORMA’s automatic doors and components are manufactured to comply (when placed in service by a DORMA authorized technician who is AAADM certified) with the current ANSI/BHMA Standard for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors. Each of DORMA’s service divisions employs AAADM-certified inspectors who are qualified to inspect new installations and conduct annual inspections of automatic doors as recommended by AAADM.

The key safety considerations DORMA’s AAADM-certified professionals pay attention to during inspections include:

Does the door activate as it should when approached? Once activated, does the door open as expected?

  • If the door is a knowing act door, are all the push buttons located as recommended in the ANSI standard?
  • What type of safety system is installed on the Servicemandoor? Does it comply with the ANSI standards regarding pattern size, position, and function?
  • Does the door remain open for the required time delay after it reaches full open position?
  • On swing doors, is there a sensor on the swing side that prevents a closed door from opening and an open door from closing?
  • If there are door-mounted sensors, do they operate as expected?
  • Are the recommended guiderails in place?
  • On sliding doors, are there activation sensors on both sides of the door?
  • Is there a presence sensor or system that covers the threshold area between the doors, or on either side of the door, as recommended in the ANSI standard?
  • Does the door offer protection against entrapment? I.e., how much force does it take to open the door if the power is off or to prevent a stopped door from opening or closing? Does the door break out if needed?
  • Does the door open and close at the recommended speeds?
  • Is the proper signage applied to the door?

AAADM safety guidelines for automatic doors in all applications include:

Automatic doors should be meet the current ANSI A156.10 Standard for Power Operated Doors and be properly specified to fit the intended use.

  • Automatic doors should only be installed by qualified professionals and inspected by AAADM-certified inspectors.
  • Automatic door closing speed and force should be adjusted to meet the ANSI recommendations based on the door’s weight.
  • Daily safety checks should be performed by premise owners to ensure automatic doors are working safely.
  • Preventive maintenance should be done to keep doors in proper working order.
  • Doors should be clearly marked as automatic.

For information about DORMA’s automatic doors, automatic door components, or the qualifications of our AAADM-certified inspectors, contact us.